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New feature

Fri Sep 01 2023

React Uploader Widget [5]

To make file uploads even easier for you to integrate, we now have a React Uploader Widget that makes that possible with just very few lines of code.

Check out the docs to learn more about this.

New feature

Wed Aug 30 2023

Account Settings[4]

Incase you never need to change your email, username or display name, we now have a brand new '/settings' page in the UploadFly dashboard that makes that possible.

New feature

Mon Aug 28 2023

Change Username [3]

When you signup on UploadFly with email, a username is automatically generated for you from your email, but we figured you might want a different username, so we made it possible for you to change your username right after signing up.

New Feature

Wed Aug 23 2023

You can now reset your password [2]

We get it, forgetting passwords can be a pain. But fret not! Getting back into your account is now a breeze. Just head over to the login page and follow the simple steps to reset your password. Easy-peasy!


Mon Aug 21 2023

Improved authorization [1]

When UploadFly launched a few weeks ago, you could only stay logged in for an hour in the UploadFly dashboard. Happy to announce that you can now securely stay logged in for up to 90 days, thanks to the new authorization mechanism.

New Feature

Mon Aug 21 2023

Changelog [0]

We now have a /changelog page. Interesting how the first changelog is a changelog about the changelog.

Now, you can easily stay in the know about the latest enhancements, features, and improvements coming to UploadFly.

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