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Expovoluminously awesome file uploads.

UploadFly makes it easy to add file uploads and optimization to websites and apps.

Bring your files, we'll handle the rest

Zero config

Just your file and your API key. No configs, no buckets, no bs.

Image optimization

Coming soon

Improve user experience by reducing image size by up to 80%.

Size and type filtering

Specify filters to include or exclude images based on their size, dimensions or file formats.

Content info

Extract valuable insights from media files such as MIME type, demensions, file type and more.

Image type conversion

Coming soon

Easily transform images between popular formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, or others.

AI content detection

Coming soon

Filter out potentially objectionable or unsafe images using AI.

99.99999999999% up time

Delivery through 450+ global CDN locations ensuring consistent and rapid content delivery for your users anytime, anywhere.

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